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We now natively offer a buy L-BTC option on our platform. 

With more Liquid functionality, such as USDt, on the way, you will get access to the new possibilities this open financial system built on bitcoin offers.

Liquid Network

The bitcoin layer-2 solution enabling the fast, confidential settlement and issuance of digital assets


The best of both worlds

As a bitcoin sidechain, Liquid is a separate blockchain, but instead of an altcoin like Ethereum or Solana (which detracts from bitcoin’s network effect), it utilizes Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), a 1:1 peg to bitcoin as its native currency. For every bitcoin that is pegged (or "bridged") into the network, precisely 1 Liquid bitcoin (L-BTC) is unlocked on the sidechain. Essentially, this transfers BTC from the bitcoin blockchain to the Liquid sidechain.

The Liquid Network is operated and managed by a globally distributed federation of more than 60 of the leading enterprises in the bitcoin space.

Learn more about Liquid and its governance model at


Fast settlement

Thanks to a 1-minute block, the Liquid Network allows for fast, final settlement of your digital assets without having to wait for many confirmations.


Improved privacy

Liquid uses Confidential Transactions, which hides the amounts and asset types within transactions from all third parties.


Cheap transactions

Transactions on Liquid are considerably cheaper than other platforms, with transaction fees as low as ~ 0.1 satoshi/vbyte.



Using fiat-backed currencies without going back to legacy banking has never been easier, with the USDt stablecoin coming to Bitcoin Reserve soon.


Other digital assets

Liquid also allows for issuance of digital assets such as security tokens and other financial instruments. Adding some of these is on our long-term roadmap.

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  • Multi-region compatibility
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