So you're ready to take on
the fiat system?

Every person opting out of fiat by adopting bitcoin brings us a little closer to fixing the world. Join the ranks of the Bitcoin Reservists and work with us to help make this a reality.



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What makes a good Bitcoin Reservist?

We are looking for enthusiastic bitcoin maximalists, who help other people understand bitcoin, and mentor them in buying and safely storing it. Either professionally, or on a voluntary basis. 

Why refer people to Bitcoin Reserve?



Bitcoin is about providing the world a form of money that can’t be confiscated, censored, or inflated. Nothing is more important than fixing the money, and that’s what bitcoin does.



We believe in enabling people to have sovereignty over their wealth. Our clients *must* self-custody their coins; we send the bitcoin directly to their wallets after they make a purchase.


Privacy & Security

We gather the least amount of data possible. We do not sell, trade or rent customer data to third parties. Clients receive 24/7 personal service in private and encrypted communications.


Who can I refer to Bitcoin Reserve?

Bitcoin Reserve offers worldwide service for anyone looking to buy/sell bitcoin, stablecoins, and liquid bitcoin - from everyday investors to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and companies.


Why should I become a Bitcoin Reservist? 

  • Earn 25% of Bitcoin Reserve’s revenue for every trade your referrals make. Your rewards come at no extra cost to your referrals!
  • Become part of a network of die-hard bitcoin educators.
  • Make use of Bitcoin Reserve's educational content.

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